the alabama abortion vote, climate change, energy depletion are all linked in less-than-obvious ways.

While the world population is rising, the USA population is starting to decline.

This will create imbalance. Where will the necessary workers come from, post oil collapse? Our food production will have to come from somewhere.

Before oil, we used human/animal muscle to produce food.

Lots of poor people provided that muscle.

Rich people controlled that muscle.

Likewise with abortions. If a rich girl wants an abortion, the laws don’t apply, she goes to where one can be provided, no questions asked.

Only poor girls stay home and obey god’s will.

Nature abhors a vacuum. If the USA’s population declines, then ‘’lesser peoples’’ will move in to fill the space.

This is why more babies are essential, if a few die in the process, well. that’s god’s will too isn’t it?

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