that we are slipping back into serfdom cannot be in doubt

the question of why is perhaps open to discussion.

the fundamenatal problem is that few can accept that a form of peasant-serfdom has been the natural state of most of humankind, certainly for those of our ancestors living in settled communities (ie civilisations)

Our current so called democracy is the oddity, when looked at over the millenia

why should this be?

In times past, territory, and thus resources, were acquired by force of arms but until comparatively recent times, resouces meant food producing lands. With thousands of acres, the warring knight or baron could afford to build great castles. (Builders need a dedicated food supply)

but you can’t produce food without workers, so the lord owned the land and the workers on the land.

The workers were his engines of power, the vast acres were his energy resource. This was ‘normality’ for thousands of years. But it was self limiting. The peasant was physically unable to deliver more than a fixed amout of energy surplus over a limited lifespan.

Then the steam engine was invented.

That freed up an entirely new swathe of cheap surplus energy. It made everyone into his own feudal lord, becoming free to enjoy a ‘social democracy’. Suddenly energy was surplus and almost free on demand

Unfortunately this lasted only so long as cheap surplus energy was available. We are now at the stage where our cheap surplus energy is entering its terminal decline phase. (forget Saudi America) There isn’t enough to support the ‘democratic system’ we thought was permanent, and the ‘feudal barons’ are seeking to take back their old status of mass control.

They might wear different hats, but they are the same people.

This is why the so called ‘gig economy’ is springing up. In medieval times it was called a hiring fair. (google it). Workers were/are used only for their immediate muscle power, and then discarded. Gig workers are modern day serfs. Their employment offers nothing but an immediate wage, as it was 400 years ago.

Our democratic system is thus slipping away, and we can’t understand why.

This maybe explains why the oilparty is finally over:

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