Thanks for your response.

My reply to it is more or less covered by my comment to Joerg Baumgartner’s above.

At no point in history has humankind reacted collectively for the common good

individually yes — -collectively never. Our DNA demands survival, and the survival carrying those genes. It does not demand that we organise into a global survival group. In nature’s terms that offers no survival benefit because collectively we overconsume, and try to ‘save’ every aspect of our BAU.

That isn’t nature’s way I’m afraid.

So it is not hopeless’ for some of us — -just that it will be a very small proportion of us. We have overpopulated the planet.

Nature doesn’t concern itself with BAU, or wheels, or factories or holidays, only with the survival of us best suited to do so. If none of us are, nature will move on and allow another species into ascendence for a while. We will not have been the first to disappear into the fossil beds.

We are, after all, new kids on the block. We are the ones stupid enough to invent gods to confirm our own immortality. No other animal has done that. They have all survived, we, in our godly wisdom seem unlikely to

Those who recognise the looming disaster cannot motivate those who refuse to. Try it!!

Not that we can do much about it anyway.

I’m the first to admit I could be totally wrong, and BAU CAN go on forever. Maybe I’ve missed something — -probably have. I do hope so.

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