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I read the piece you linked to a few days ago, in which Ahmed says we will have an alternative transport system by 2030!

he appears to be wildly contradicting himself:

( I commented on that at the time, )

He also said in 2013 that oil depletion would crunch the economy in 2015

I can understand new information changing opinions over 2–3 years, but this has only been 3 months.

If the economic/industrial system implodes in 2018, there will be no base from which to construct anything by 2030. He also ignores the fact (along with almost everyone else) that no EV transport system can function outside a hydrocarbon based infrastructure. Personally I don’t see how our industrial system can last another 10 years. I could be wrong of course.

He seems to be writing stuff that will grab the most attention, on the assumption that nobody will recall or care what he has previously written.

I agree the oil companies will crumble, because the cost of getting hold of oil is exceeding the price that users can afford. This is the economic vice we find ourselves in right now. I don’t think alternative transport systems will have anything to do with it.

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