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as to the timeframe. I think that can only be guesswork at best — -everyone seems to come up with a different date.

The best I could do was pitch it early to mid decade from where we are now. I could certainly be way off,because there are so many unknown factors.

My reasoning was that as the realisation dawns that the oilparty’s over, fighting over resources will start long before supply is actually critical, but that in itself will trigger criticality.

Trump certainly doesn’t understand that it’s an energy problem, blames anything and everyone instead.

But having forecast “a Trump” as inevitable for 2016 (or maybe 2020) back in 2011, and that would lead to civil unrest (that seems to be starting now, but might die down), my forecasts seem to be working a little — but even that isn’t panning out as I thought it would, i didn’t anticipate a POTUS being actually crazy in a clinical sense

Even so, if it goes on, Trump might take emergency powers to ban demos and shut down the media. This will certainly happen if Trump isn’t removed from office quickly — -he will become too entrenched behind a supportive inner circle and military if removal is left too long — -2 years maybe.

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