what I think the problems are, and how they are going to affect our future .

Thanks for the comment and feedback, it helps to focus my mind more clearly

Much of my core thinking is based around ‘collective’ human nature, and our reaction to stress and/or opportunity.

Take the USA as a prime example: Until 1970, the USA was swing producer of oil. 1970 was the year depletion began(stress). By 73/4 the Gulf states saw their advantage and promptly quadrupled the price of crude (opportunity). It didn’t work.

No question of Mid east producers offering to support “christian” industry with “Muslim” oil.

We have been engaged in oilwars on and off ever since. As supplies get tighter, wars will intensify. All wars are fought over resources. Human nature will not change. The Carter Doctrine set things out very starkly.

The endgame will be not oil depletion, but wars preventing its extraction in meaningful quantities. As that happens, even friendly nations will begin to conserve what they have left. Canada is a cold country — -I don’t think I have to explain more?

Then we get onto energy production and use.

“Alternative” systems mainly deliver electricity at 12v dc

The Saudis have created a fantasy land where 30m people expect to live in temperate comfort and ride camels for sport. This applies to the elite of all the oil producing nations, including the USA (except for the camels) It applies in a broad sense to “The West” in general.

We cannot sustain our current lifestyle from solar panels and wind turbines at 12v dc.

I strongly recommend you read: https://www.withouthotair.com/download.html

by Prof David Mackay FRS.

Using the Saudis as an ongoing example, they have in mind ‘cities in the desert’ to provide ongoing wealth when their oil runs out. Producing/selling what exactly — -and to whom?

And without oil to trade, where will their food come from? I think Saudi oil is a lot closer to terminal than they are letting on — hence sales of Aramco stock.

Then we go back to the USA — -and conspiracy theorists par excellence. As oil dries up — their god-granted lifestyle will also crash.

Think 2007/8 on steroids. It will be the fault of ‘someone else’. A conspiracy. Socialism. (look what happened to Venezueala!) 2007/8 crash was specifically the result of a lower energy input.

Anything but the truth. Always the breeding ground for fascist doctrine. Which is exactly what we are seeing right now — (and elsewhere of course). The USA version is laced with religion, but that’s a local anomaly I think.

That to me looks like civil war(s). Without oil the USA cannot hold together as a unified nation, and so secessions seem inevitable.

It seems that energy, population and politics are locked into single entity.

It is a common mistake to think they can be dealt with separately.

co-author of The End of More, in paperback and kindle on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00D0ADPFY email pagett.communications@blueyonder.co.uk

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