thank you Umair — -keep telling it like it is

already I’m hearing — ‘’well trump maybe isn’t so bad after all” — -and I want to throw up, because they can’t see the rise of the fascist monster who wants it all

yes — -it’s going to be a theofascist state — he’s gathered the godbotherers around him to give authority to what he does, Pence’s history confirms that

soon he will start to believe that he really is god’s messenger, and they will agree — -knowing their own lies.

Their purpose? — -to inflict theocracy on everyone — Roe vs Wade will be just the start — -after that everything gets rolled back — equal rights, race equality — the birthrate is dropping like a stone, so i wouldnt rule out contraception either — -they want a ‘’christian’’ dictatorship, controlling 50% of the population would be a good start

Human rights are irrelevant: video.

And Trump’s purpose? — -economic domination, the ultimate resource grab just like the last fuhrer tried to do. The USA becomes his piggy bank, and congress will be too weak to do anything about it.

The jesusfreaks get what they want, Trump gets what he wants. The perfect deal.

If there’s an economic crash and civil disorder — he’ll grab emergency powers — -after that you can kiss the constitution goodbye

this explains it in more detail:

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