thank you for your thoughtful comments — -your points are taken. And I hadn’t come across Russian Insider before — -very interesting, thanks. Greer has too much of the mystic about him — -I’m wary of anyone seeing himself as an arch druid. But that’s just my own opinion

However, to take up your point about the $45 trn worth of oil….this value is at today’s prices, and more importantly, today’s usage. (and extraction rates) $45 trn in the ground is no use if it costs that much in energy terms to extract it.

Before the industrial revolution, mineral oil was mainly used to waterproof boats and patent medicine . Where it seeped out of the ground it was regarded generally as a nuisance.

My point being, that until it is burned, oil has no value at all. So to achieve that value, means must be constantly found to burn it — -that involves machinery and factories of every kind. Our vehicles are a part of that.

Our current existence is in fact dedicated to fuel burning, and finding faster ways to burn it. (which we must do to support 80m new people each year.)

Factories consume finite resources other than oil. Renewables will not substitute for this. So we must go on with oil burning to give ourselves employment

which in turn will cook the planet

civilisation depends on converting explosive force into rotary motion — — -we cannot escape that

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