Thank you for your thoughtful and detailed response. It helps.

having grandkids — i take this seriuosly, even if they don’t. they burn fuel like there’s no tomorrow, which is an unfortunate way of putting it i suppose

but to take up a couple of points, fossil fuels put 7.5 bn people on a planet that pre oil supported 1 bn — -to me that is the killer equation.

a city with say 10m people cannot feed itself — -that seems to be a foregone conclusion. Big cities have grown on the end of seemingly infinite food chains, the demand is that they continue uninterrupted,

We eat oil, I cant see that solar will alter that dynamic. One cannot rule out some food science breakthrough in the future, but our need is immediate: Oil is getting too expensive to eat, which accounts for the proliferation of foodbanks/SNAP programs. (wages not keeping up with the cost of food)

In any event ‘’breakthroughs’ are always a projection of known science. Borlaug gave the last major development in food growth — his creativity doubled world population.

— — -

fossil fuel energy underpins currency because fossil fuels can be turned into a million other objects that can be exchanged for cash. Solar can’t do that. Our employment derived from that production/sale of objects.

Before we had fossil fuels, the same transactions took place, but we were limited to grown products — food, hides, cloth, timber (and a few metals )— they had value. Pre oil — employment was 99% concerned with those basic products and their exchange

The introduction of fossil fuels magnified the system several million times but it didnt change the system itself. We thought it would alter the have/have not ratio — but it hasn’t

We had a 200 year blip (maybe only a post ww2 blip)— -now things are settling back to what they were.

summing up — I dont expect the mass of people to actually do anything at all until they are hit by a force stronger than they are

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