Thank you for your comments and input. It is a very serious subject and I do appreciate your thinking on it. It’s useful to stretch my thinking to answer you.

I will try to reply as best I can…you have certain opinions on all this, as do I.

First…..the oil age is over.

It is not possible to define this in precise terms. If you have lost your job and home (both energy critical) then your oil era is over.

If you are a billionaire on your yacht, you imagine being able to buy enough oil to fuel it for the foreseeable future. You see ‘money’ as the critical answer to everything.

Neither the billionaire or the man on the park bench recognise surplus energy as critical to their future.

Most of us are somewhere between those extremes. Our ‘wishes and certainties’ lie outside our control. We are governed by the vagaries of an economic system which is itself entirely a function of energy availability in cheap surplus. The billionaire on his yacht has been clever enough to subvert cheap surplus energy to his own ends.

He can’t see that he’s ultimately on the same economic thread as the man on the park bench.

It is that cheap surplus that is falling away. Looking at the extremes I’ve given above, it affects everyone at differing rates. That situation cannot be altered.

We built a civilisation based on cheap surplus energy, we are trying to keep it going on expensive scarce energy. That’s why we see collapse happening everywhere. That is why there is little improvement in overall living standards for the average individual.

As to christian militancy in government,

check out Pence’s record. Pompeo has stated that he expects to be raptured, then there’s this insanity:

Image for post
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How much closer can you get?

Pence submits to Trump’s atheism and bible waving because he is next in line, and sees himself as god’s chosen one. Anybody sane jumped ship months ago. The federal death penalty has been re introduced.

How may signs do you need?

Energy collapse will bring on serious economic collapse and that will create widespread civil disorder.


Because previous depressions have had sufficient surplus energy availability to kickstart the economic system again. The world is now in serious energy deficit. Employment needs energy input, the vast majority don’t understand that. The common certainty is that prosperity can be voted for.

It can’t. Like voting for the politician who says climate change is a hoax.

But that won’t stop violent reaction to economic collapse. (human nature) Especially when they figure out that Trump sold them a ponzi scheme.

The reaction to that will be martial law with POTUS taking ‘emergency powers’ as commander in chief. He’s aleady said he wants to extend his presidency like his buddies do.

It will be a theological dictatorship, at least until final collapse.

He’s sacked any generals who might rein him in, for good reason. The common soldier will fall in behind whoever pays their wages.

This might add something to my comment, and my way of thinking

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