Thank you for your comment, both the support part and the adverse bit.

Criticism is useful because it helps to focus my thinking. I don't pretend to 'know it all'.

(just reads that way sometimes).

I think your comment re Biden would apply to almost any POTUS.

As I said in my comment, they and we are carried on the tide of world events, and world events are created by energy availability. (or lack of).

This has been so throughout recorded history.

The political climate and our energy situation are inextricably linked.

Trump was an inevitable result of the growing energy problem. That's where 'MAGA' came from. Trump was incompetent for the office but put there by people who thought as he did.

Biden may do a little better, but as I said, he is faced with the same problems. My fear is that by 2024 someone will take over who is not incompetent, but who who will still insist that the nation's problems are political. (as do most people).

This must lead to fascist dictatorship, because no other options will be available.

(maybe theo-fascism, which would be worse).

The mass of people react in desperation whenfaced with real adversity. Energy collapse is going to deliver that adversity.

While most people carry on 'voting' for infinite prosperity

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