Thank you for taking the trouble to write such a detailed reply

However, before I can set down my thoughts on it, if we are in fundamental disagreement on:

“We produce wages by converting one form of energy into another, for which we get paid in energy tokens”

— — Then there would be little point in wasting our mutual time on any other aspects of it, because that is critical to our commercial/civilised existence.

Money has no intrinsic value, only energy input has ‘value’ that can be traded.

“We” are the human race, apart from a few nomadic tribes who do not use money. Every level of ‘employment’ trades upwards. Even Bezos must keep Amazon economically active by trading energy locked in the goods that amazon sells.

Even if he and Musk blow their money on colossal fireworks, they still trade their ‘money tokens’ for a form of energy.

So “We” means all of us.

I’d like to write more but if there is fundamental disagreement on the above, there would be little point

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