thank you for such an in-depth response

it seems to me, taking in stuff from various sources, that the majority — -if they give any thought to the problem at all, do think along BAU at all costs lines

One of the craziest being transport — -if we switch to electric cars we will be ok — school of thought (Heinberg et al)

my observations and discussions with inteligent people seems to to confirm the ‘’now is forever’’ line of thinking, and ‘’technology will find a way’’ and ‘’they are bound to come up with something’’ certainties

i agree that in 1/200 years maybe, if any of us survive we may be in a calmer environment, but the transtion period will have been extremely painful.

i have a doubt about it, because the god curse will not have left us, and there will still be the denier, and ‘demander’ and conspiracists here and there insisting what we had can be rebuilt if only we do this or that, or bow to a differemt god

let’s hope i’m wrong

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