States collapse when their supply of cheap surplus energy runs out

Food or fuel--doesnt matter.

We consume to excess, on the promise that excess is forever.

The Roman grain ships from Africa were forever. That was a lie

Coal from under the UK was forever. That was a lie

American oil was forever, that was a lie

The insane religions and politics climb on the back of cheap surplus fuel, because we use our gods and politicians to support those promises that we can keep what we have forever.

With the lies begin to crack, our insanities grow wilder with our panic.

So crackpots get elected into high office. We sanction anything and everything in the vain hope that we can keep our current state of wellbeing and avoid the abyss.

We care about nothing other than that.

Hitler was powered into office because Germany was falling apart, so the Germans cheered for the lunatics who destroyed their nation.

The USA is no different.

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