some things can be up for debate, others not

the universal classic of collective delusion — -’’technology will save us’’, definitely isn’t. “Current technology” exists on the back of fossil fuels. Which in turn derived from the industrial revolution of the 1700s in an unbroken line of development. That is our ‘existing technology’. It is based entirely on combustion.

There is no ‘new’ technology.

cheap surplus energy allowed us to have technology — technology will not deliver cheap surplus energy. — -it just doesn’t wotk in reverse. I wish it did.

Add that to “WW2 scale of effort” — -which itself was a colossal excercise in fuelburning. Fuel which is no longer available.

I enjoy stretching my mind in debate, because I like finding areas where I’m wrong, and setting things straight in my head.

but those two “points” bring this exchange of views to a close I’m afraid, where we must agree to differ — -and leave it at that.

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