Soldiers and policemen need wages, just like anybody else.

They will fall in behind whoever pays. They always have. This time will be no different. Once they feel the tipping into dictatorship is well under way, they will move to the side of the dictator.

Hitler didn't do what he did on his own. He recruited thousands, then millions of willing helpers who believed that he really could take over the world with national socialism.

Telling people that infinite growth on a finite world was impossible was a waste of time. They wanted their 1000 year Reich, Hitler promised it and appeared to deliver it.

Hitler never set foot in a concentration camp. He didn't need no. Others saw it as in their best interests to do as he told them.

Only after 1945 did the hand-wringing start---'we didn't know'. Raping Poland gave the Germans 'liebensraum'. Just as raping America gave Europeans 'liebensraum' in earlier times.

Human nature is highly predictable.

The USA is going to be torn in secessionary pieces over the next 50 years, maybe much less, because the American people cannot accept that there is no more for them to loot. The ‘German Empire’ collapsed in the same way.

The Ponzi scheme will collapse.

I've tried to explain it here:

The End of More (Pagett Amazon)

But I can’t offer a viable solution.

co-author of The End of More, in paperback and kindle on Amazon email

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