redistribute capital if you must, but that might, in Bezos’ case for example, give everyone $10 or something

when youve done that, with Buffet et al — then what?

Employment consumes energy. redistributing capital does not create employment because energy itself cannot be created (laws of physics)

So that is the problem we face.

Our wave of prosperity and productive employment was created our of cheap surplus energy, not cheap surplus money. Employment needs raw energy input.

We no longer have cheap surplus energy, and ranting on about Bezos’ money (obscene though it is) will not bring back that era.

Cheap oil discoveries peaked in 1970. Since that date the nations of the world have been borrowing money under the delusion that cheap oil is still available. It isnt. Our current chaos proves that it isnt, but this bleak reality is not accepted or believed.

It doesnt fit the models of the economists or their political masters

Money is not wealth. Energy is wealth.

There is no longer enough to support our infinite aspirations. But we can no longer remember a time when oil did not drive our commercial infrasture. So we insist that things go on forever, with windmills and solar panels as a substitute.

Sorry folks, the time of plenty is over

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