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that oil is now destroying us
there can be no doubt
but turn off all the oilwells
and your pension’s up the spout

Our food must be extracted
from the farmer’s field
are you prepared to dig it
and maintain his current yield?

your food sits on the market shelf
where you expect to find
everything to make your life
soft and sweet and kind

Shut down all the oilwells
and machines come to a stop
windfarms cannot give us
the harvest of life’s crop

cease to pour out carbon
is what we have to do
but hospitals are factories
remember that is true

they suck in vast energies
to make the sick be well
but get rid of fossil fuels
and we’re reduced to magic spells

your doctor will offer potions
that he has brewed himself
hoping that he cures you
knowing he can never tell

We cannot move our garbage
by horse and cart alone
tons of stuff needs shifting
or diseases will return

your water flows so easily
just where it needs to be
how d’you think it gets there
by magic or gravity?

Or maybe you might prefer
to be knee deep in human waste
because the only way of moving it
was cause for your protest?

As you read this on your screen
look around and see
all that has oil within
and imagine it not to be

Oil is what we are now
’tis most unfortunate
that we have condemned humanity
to self-obliterate

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