race and racism are deep within us all

however, i think it is important to consider its real origins, and why it is so deeply embedded in the human psyche.

humankind evolved out of Africa, where dark skin and thick black hair was a defence against the harshness of the sun. The slow exodus north out of Africa took thousands of years, absorbing subtle changes of environment and climate.

Going further north favoured paler skin and hair; heading into snows favoured narrower eyes — -and so on..

Thus groups of us quickly became ‘different’.

But in those tens of thousands of years of change, we lost the memory of our black origins. The differences in us became our ‘normal’….others were ‘abnormal’.

As long as the world wasn’t overcrowded, this mattered little. The races were too far apart for it to be of any consequence. They didn’t compete with one another.

But then our populations grew and began to trade. Races began to prey on each other, seeing ‘lesser’ peoples as someone to be ‘preyed upon’ for commercial gain.

The paler Northern tribes of Africa preyed on the dark southern tribes, and the white races of Southern Europe. Coastal England and Ireland became a ready source of (white) slaves for North Africa, long before the ‘slave trade’ of the Americas.

Then the Americas needed slave labour. The dark races of Africa supplied that energy resource, (captured and sold by the lighter coloured African peoples btw).Which brings us to our present time. The dark races are still ‘others’. Wrong by any standard of decency. I’m just pointing out where it came from. It isn’t a recent phenomena from the 1800s.

Now is where we are, encumbered by thousands of years of prejudice beteen every race on earth, because the Earth doesn’t have room for everyone.

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