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if we are willing to use the same strategy: that is, investing in solar energy a sufficiently large fraction of the energy produced today.

When we extracted oil at EROEI of 100;1, that was effectively 1 worker sucking out enough oil to provide employment by which 99 workers burned it. (Fossil fuels deliver jobs)

As EROEI falls, the number of workers involved in producing energy resources increases, while the number of workers consuming the energy decreases

So inevitably we approach the point where the business of general work is the production of devices for the production of energy itself

Thus wind turbines delivering 12:1 say, are in fact letting us get drunk on the legacy factor of oilwells delivering the last round of drinks at the oilparty.

We cannot have an industrial economy where our prime employment is the production/installation of energy devices.

Nevertheless, that is what we will endeavout to do, convinced it promises a guaranree of infinite prosperity

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