,/////quote from above……A big feature of the Anthropocene is the exponential growth of technologies./////

no it isn’t

The driving force of our current system is the availability of cheap surplus energy — -namely oil coal and gas.

we use that energy to convert explosive force into rotary motion, to alter materials from one form to another, and in so doing, provide surplus food and employment for ourselves…..and thus our explosive and unsustainable growth in population

it was that energy conversion that delivered our ‘’technologies’’….unfortunately we have lulled ourselves into the techno-fantasy of believing that ‘’technology’’ is going to sustain our energy requirement into a utopian infinity.

it won’t,…… technology doesn’t deliver new energy. I admire Lovelock’s work, by his develpments are entirely dependent on cheap surplus fuels.

as to evolution, our access to 300 year’s worth of fossilised sunlight has been what might be described as the supernova of humankind….a brief flash of light in the million year darkness of our evolution.

when our current supplies of fuel have gone, we will revert to the society governed (at best) by a naked flame, running at the speed of hoof and sail again. (if we’re lucky)

this explains our situation more clearly:


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