quote from above:

/////renewable electricity worldwide will be less expensive than fossil fuels.///

this is meaningless, anyone with the ability to think about the relationship between different energy systems knows that electricity isn’t fungible.

Oil is.

Oil lubricates our entire industrial infrastructure, without that infrastructure, electricity is useless. Fossil fuels can be reworked into a million other ‘’things’’ by which our existence is made possible.

Remove oil and we revert to the economy of hoof and sail. Electric vehicles cannot function outside a hydrocarbon based environment.

As to our dystopian future, this is certain, because we will fight over diminishing oil resources, which will destroy those resources. oil/resource wars have already started

democracy is the child of prosperity, without it, democracy becomes an orphan and starves to death

without sufficient energy fascism is the only option, because people kick off when their living standards drop….martial law is used to stop that and suppress people,

this explains it in more detail

democracy has only existed since the industrial revolution, and even then not universally.

the world is now functioning as a debt based economy. this cannot be sustained.

when the debt bubble collapses fascism will replace democracy

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