problem is — -the fuhrer comparisons get less funny with every telling

The Ponzi scheme is the modus operandi for both of them, both promised a 1000 year Reich. The first Fuhrer lasted 12 years, how long will this one last?

A poll recently suggested that 52% of Americans would support him if he ‘postponed’ the 2020 election. That must give the don ideas.

What’s he going to do when candidates show up to oppose him? How long before the revolving door of the WH leads to somewhere far more sinister than Pennsylvania Avenue.

Far fetched?

With a cowed Senate and submissive military, a praetorian guard will be easily recruited to do his dirty work

But he must act fast. The economy is on a knife edge, because there isn’t nearly as much oil as he says there is. Like Hitler, when the oil runs out, the Ponzi scheme will collapse into chaos, and he will be forced to retreat into his bunker.

Within the next 5 years, the oilparty will be over for all of us. After that things are going to get really messy

This explains it a little more clearly:

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