Political/technical realities

thank you for stimulating and interesting response to my comments

Your scientific knowledge is far better than mine, and I respect that but at the same time I think it clouds your judgement of humanity and human nature. I like to think that I don’t have that problem, and recognise humankind for what it is, in a collective sense.

We may have certain knowledge and theories, but we lack time and inclination to put them into practice. Much like Hawking — -advocating transfer to other planets, using ‘technology’ not yet invented.

Dealing with the Nazi regime, that was a Ponzi scheme, although no one saw it as that at the time. It held together only so long as those at the top could continue to suck in resources at the bottom — hence the invasions/expansions outwards to grab more and more to support their ‘technology’ . Which of course was better than anyone else’s at that timewhich was the important part. The Japanese ran the same type of Ponzi scheme, but their technology was ultimately inferior, and doomed to fail. They had virtually no home resources at all.

Their guided missile system consisted of paper balloons — the Germans were in a different league altogether

Had the Nazis not been overwhelmed by superior energy forces (the USA had unlimited oil supplies) Hitler would have undoubtedly acheived world domination. Nuking London/Washington/New york would have been sufficient. As it was, he started WW2 about 5 years too soon. But by 1945 his Ponzi scheme would have collapsed of its own accord.

In any event, WW2 was the first major resource war.

Which brings me to the crux of much of what you propose.

Technically, your theories might be put into practice, but of course it would require totalitarian regimes on a global scale. Such regimes require ‘’strong’’ controllers/dictators, which is where my certainties about human nature come into play.

Throughout history dictators have invariably been unpleasant individuals,

Will your control centre be based in the USA? — Europe? The Far East?

Make no mistake, control will have be be excercised. And if you have totalitarian control, it will not (cannot) be benign to those who disagree with it. Hitler’s regime worked well for those who agreed with what he was doing, for as long as his Ponzi scheme lasted. It wasn’t very pleasant for those who disagreed. None of his ideas were open to discussion.

You will have noticed that none of Trump’s ideas are open to discussion. He gets rid of those who disagree with him. (you see the pattern repeating?)

They both gloried in the adulation of cheering idiots, who saw only their own salvation. Trump will find no shortage of people to staff his praetorian guard and do his dirty work when (not if) it becomes necessary.

He too sees world domination as being within his grasp, only this time through economics, not armies. The similarities are terrifying. Trump is running a Ponzi scheme on a world scale. The USA will hold together only so long as the Ponzi dollar is propped up by ‘’lesser peoples”.

Concentrating only on the technical problems we face obscures our more imminent political realities.

Trump seeks total control. He is a very unpleasant individual. He talks of locking up those who disagee. Others of similar inclination already do that on a large scale. He fits the pattern of megalomania exactly. Fascism reborn?

Wherever you place your control centre, the rest of the world will resist it. Same applies to whatever you propose. Someone will have a better idea — -and be prepared to die to prove it, or more likely make other people die to prove it. Just as Hitler did. Hitler’s ultimate aim was world domination on behalf of the ‘’Aryan tribe’’, as he saw it at that time.

It may not be good for global survival, but that is what will happen.

On the other hand, it might be the only option for human global survival albeit on a small scale. We certainly can’t go on supporting 7–10+ billions can we? The world has never had humans as residents. We are only very recent tenants. I think we forget that. We’ve messed up our lease I think.

We are the only species aware of death and survival in an abstract sense.

Whoever is in charge, will act on behalf of his own self and tribe. Genetic forces will make sure of that. He will have no choice about it. Neither will those who resist and fight against it.

co-author of The End of More, in paperback and kindle on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00D0ADPFY email pagett.communications@blueyonder.co.uk

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