pictures of marching people are not going to cut it

I don’t want to fry either, — -but waving a banner with “climate /Jobs” on it isn’t going to solve any problems, even if they are solvable anyway — which i doubt

Work =energy=heat — -that is what employment is. Our factory system has screwed us, yet we demand jobs. Jobs produce pollutants. We can’t all be cobblers and gardeners

It may be a pleasant fantasy, but we are not all going to become happy peasants, walking to work each day at our vegetable plots

what the marchers fail to accept is that the planet can only support 1 bn people. (And even then, nowhere near our current lifestyle)

so six out of seven of the marchers has no future. None of them can accept that, or understand why.

Things really are that brutal folks. I can only suggest getting used that future because the planet can’t feed our current billions, let alone the extra 3 bn scheduled to arrive.

And before I get hit with screams of — We CAN feed them — -we won’t have the means to transport food around, and we can’t produce it for free. Food in those quantities requires fossil fuel input — not horse drawn ploughs and carts and sailing ships.

The planet will reset itself by getting rid of the plague that infests it — -us

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downsizing isn’t going to be BAU with minor inconveniences:

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