People with homes, jobs and secure incomes don’t riot. Only fossil fuels can supply those.

energy is the underpinning force that supports the global monetary system, and our collective lifestyle. So by definition, lack of energy is fuelling riots and the brexit frenzy.

The rioters have their own ‘’situation’’ in mind, demanding some kind of redress, without realising the overall global problem, that of rapidly depleting energy resources.

French rioters think it’s their problem, Brexiteers think its their problem.

The real problem is that it isn’t possible to provide financial support to 7.5 bn people by cutting down trees (we tried that 250 years ago, and almost ran out of trees. )
Neither can we do it by windfarms and solar panels, or nuclear.

Individuals or nations, the reaction is the same….both know what the end of oil means and are determined to ignore it — -or at best hope the worst happens to someone else. Or that initiating conflict will divert attention from the ultimate problem. Macron is making promises for the future that can’t be met. He hopes the rioters will go away.

As far as the rioters are concerned, there’s no more cake left to eat.

We — all of us — -put the energy companies in business, and happily kept them there for 200 years or so. Cheap surplus energy has given us all we now enjoy as a ‘’civilised’’ lifestyle. We cheerfully ignore the fact that it’s killing us as well. The rioters and Brexiteers demand BAU — but don’t understand what supports their BAU

Pre fossil fuels, the planet supported about a billion people. Which means 6.5 billion of us don’t have much of a future.

that is the bottom line,

If humankind gets through that bottleneck, we might be able to rebuild something worthwhile

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