Our great burning

200 years ago we commenced our great burning. To Perry and his ilk, what we burn is infinite. It has to be, otherwise his personal edifice crashes and burns too — -along with everyone else’s. So the mass of people have that certainty that our ‘now’ is forever — -part of the certainty of the American dream. So Perry must talk nonsense, even though he knows it to be nonsense.

The reality is of course that we are burning our grandchildren’s future.
that’s what it comes down to.

we will go on burning until there is nothing left to burn, because we as a species have evolved to consume and reproduce ourselves…….., we cannot stop or slow down in any meaningful sense, because to do so would destroy the economic existence of all of us.

That would create armed conflict in the race for survival and tribal domination — -because that too is what we have evolved to do — -we cannot stop or slow down in our warring with each other.
we are driven to survive by whatever means we can.

nature demands it — -we have no control over it

This explains our predicament in more logical detail


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