one can only assume this was written as a humourous diversion, to take our collective minds off the unpleasantness of our impending future.

Everything described above would require a colossal energy input PER CAPITA — -which is the critical factor. There are 7.5 bn of us alive on Earth right now. To even support 10%, (0r even 1%) of us in the manner outlined above would require more energy resources than are available right now, let alone in a drastically depleted future

That we are going to downsize is not in question, just the timing of it. That downsizing is going to be unpleasant for all of us, because money will not buy exemption.

Money is only a token of energy exchange. Without energy availability, money will cease to have any value. (And no — -wind turbines and solar panels won’t provide ‘alternatives’)

This maybe explains what our downsized future really means:

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