Once fossil fuel is used, it is gone for good. Therefore in this context the way in which it is used is irrelevant — it’s used up forever. You can recle plastic bottles to make petrol — but that uses more energy than is produced. So bottles get recycled into — bottles.

Employment in our current context is created only by using that fuel. Everything we make carries a component of fossil fuel in it

Alternatives don’t make sense in the long run, because you can only use electricity by harnessing it to forms of machinery that require a hydrocarbon based infrastructure in which to produce and function (hence EVs are a dead end) — if you don’t get that, examine all the components of an ev, and decide which bits can be made without fossil fuel input — some maybe, most not.

This is why EV workers are themselves on a road to nowhere. Their wages are being paid from unrealistic sources, and EVs run on roads that need oil to maintain.

There is an odd certainty that wheels deliver prosperity — -when the opposite is true: We have wheels because prosperity allowed it to happen. (as a once only anomaly)

Biofuels deliver an energy return of about 1:1 — -so pointless, particularly in northern latitudes where people need fuel and warmth. Post 9/11, corn started going into fueltanks, thus triggering food price rises elsewhere, It can’t be proven precisely, but by 2010, destabilised food prices and shortages triggered the Arab spring.

it is economically irrational to pay people just to give them employment. This is why jobs cannot be ‘’redirected’’ to something else.

Employment is intended to deliver energy-results back into the community system in which it functions. Any employment that doesn’t do that is called a hobby. If you have time to have a hobby, it is because your energy supply is taken care of elsewhere, by someone else. (Fuel and food basically). Pre-industrial revolution, only the elite had hobbies. (their food and fuel was supplied by someone else) This is why mountain climbing and whitewater rafting are modern aberrations.

compare a brain surgeon to a garbage collector — -who is the most important to a community? If the surgeon goes on strike, a few people might die. If the garbage isn’t collected 000s might die. Yet both function on an energy pyramid, one is just more sophisticated than the other, and needs more training. They are co dependent, though few see it.

co-author of The End of More, in paperback and kindle on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00D0ADPFY email pagett.communications@blueyonder.co.uk

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