Not the future you planned

A rant that needed ranting — -but maybe needs a better focus on what the problem really is, with the alt right — white supremacists or whatever. They profess to be under threat, but from what?

They are unlikely to be able to answer that question themselves. Only that they somehow know that things are not as they should be, (from their point of view), and if ‘undesirables’ are got rid of, all will be well.

Adolf Hitler said the same thing in Germany in 1933 — - His Ponzi based tyranny lasted just 12 years. We hear the same words being repeated again. Here, now.

I’ve explained it in more depth here:

the American nation was created on a surplus of cheap fossil fuel energy — -oil coal and gas.

So what has this got to do with current politics? We are living in a bankrupt society. Fossil fuels are now the only means by which industrial nations can continue to exist — -and because they are in depletion, the struggle to deny that reality will get nastier. This is what the current wave of white supremacy is really about, it’s all someone else’s fault.

Remember that WW2 and the rise of fascism was a battle for resources. Ideology was a smokescreen.

We are now in the final battle for resources, which is why there is the great belief in “prosperity for ever’’ — - gullible voters confirm that.

Hitler promised to “make Germany great again”. Nations were invaded on Hitlers order alone — -he consulted nobody, convinced of his own infallibility— -does that sound familiar?

Oil may seem to be in a glut right now, but that is a mirage. It will fade. As the oil depletes, the struggle for literal survival will begin — -this is what we are witnessing right now. Fascist leaders fighting for positions of power, because they know what we happen when oil is no longer available to the industrial system.

Fossil fueled industry is our only source of employment and social stability. Remove that and social chaos becomes inevitable.

When that happens, martial law will be imposed, and whoever happens to be able to grab power will make himself dictator.

This is the awakening of your future. It isn’t the one any of us planned.

My book explains it in more detail, though it doesn’t make for pleasant reading

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