we don’t have all the energy we need to power our global economic system

humankind in its present condition functions on a very simple concept:

Converting explosive force into rotary motion.

Think about that. Civilisation as we know it in six words.

It sums up all that we do to keep our civilisation on track and economically viable. Stop rotary motion and we stop dead — -literally.

So what’s wrong with using renewables? Renewables produce only electricity, and electricity is useless unless it is used to make things move, and produce ‘stuff’.

Stuff is what we make, buy and sell to sustain our wage-paying economic system. Everything you see around you, all that you use, eat, drink, every object has within it a component of oil coal or gas.

when (not if) the functions of oil coal and gas are removed from our economic system, we will not have an economic system

There are no exceptions.

When you read the reassurances that a windfarm will power xxx thousands of homes, stop to consider that whereas an average home uses about 2-3 kw of power, the environment in which it sits uses anything between 50 and 100 x times that.

That’s why renewables and alternatives are not going to power our economy into infinity.

Our future is not going to be BAU with minor inconveniences.

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