My vague fear for the future has been made real by Covid 19

If you had to find a method of putting an end to all this pollution stuff, what better solution could you come up with than something that kills off the malignance that is destabilising the world, yet leaves all other species unharmed?

the world is beset by pollution, it is being choked to death by our own excesses, Trump, Bolsonaro or whoever are incidental. It is ‘we’ who are at fault.

We demand for ‘more’ of everything. Our leaders supply it to keep themselves in office.

We may kid ourselves otherwise with ‘green’ stuff, but the bottom line is there’s just too many of us, Each one of us consumes more than the world can supply.

Almost all of us insist that it must come to a stop,

But not yet — not yet — -not yet. Life is just too good right now. I’ve booked that holiday, just bought a new house.

So everybody carries on consuming as much as possible, as fast as possible,

Everybody knows, deep inside, that it is somehow wrong. We are ripping the Earth apart to prove that infinite prosperity is ours for the taking. We deny what we see around us.

Then suddenly, a nasty little virus appears, and throws the switch on all of us.

In an instant, we are taken from a world where worry about buying a bigger car or TV, or booking a cruise, or a holiday flight, and reduced to the day to day hazards of foraging for food. Who could have imagined such a thing?

As brutal as that. Suddenly my vague fear for the future becomes tangible.

I look up and for the first time I can remember, the sky is clear and blue. No contrails. No one is flying anywhere. I wonder if I ever will.

An enemy we cannot see has stopped our factories and cleared our roads. Something we have been saying ‘must’ be done. Now its happened and we (and I) are terrified of the future.

I know what the future is to be. The time of excess is over. Sure, there will be restarts everywhere. But this has been a shock about how quickly it can all end. And so people will stop spending so freely. Oil will be unwanted from now on. We won’t be able to afford to burn it in cruise ships or frivolous flights or car journeys to nowhere.

Suddenly excess is looking pointless.

Ive been banging on about it for years

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