Civilisation exists by converting explosive force into rotary motion

That simple law is based on the fact that mankind evolved by using fire, and then levers.

with that in mind, you can see that simple levers — an antler pick say — evolved into metal axes etc through use of furnaces. from there logs could be cut and used as rollers (levers) to move heavy stones.

the wheel progressed from that, and a wheel is just a form of lever., so you got farm carts, war charoits and so on

But wheels could only be rotated by muscle power — horses, people, wind etc. There was no “explosive force” available

Then the steam engine appeared (1700s). That burned coal. Coal is explosive by the energy contained within it. (as is oil and gas)

They added a steam engine to the wheel, and explosive force created unlimited rotary motion. From that came the industry we have today.

There is no other technology , by the laws of physics, that can shift stuff around, and all that we have is entirely dependent on shifting stuff around. We use hydrocarbon fuels to do 98% of that work right now, and there is no substitute.

Without powered rotary motion, modern civilisation is over. We go back to the farmcart (at best)

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