you cannot be serious about wanting more economists?

The prime function of economists is to give credibility to astrologers.

The problem with humankind is that we can no longer afford to run our economic/industrial existence.

Not that we've run out of money, or energy.

We have run out of affordable energy. The median average individual can no longer afford to buy the 'stuff' that forms the wage circle of all of us, to keep us all in meaningful employment.

Covid has knocked out the last prop of the Ponzi pyramis by which we all believed was going to supply our luxuries forever, just as our economists and politicians told us.

They told us that because we paid them to. (why should they say anything else?)

Yet our expectations will not die. We will demand that our cornucopia continues to deliver

Civilisation will collapse when our denial turns to blind anger that the party is over for humankind, and we must return to the primitive darkness whence we came.

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