money is a token of energy exchange — -nothing more

you fix my car — -I pay you in cash — you use that cash to buy food (energy) which gives you the means to fix somebody else’s car, or go on holiday (using energy)

you can bank my cash — but then someone else borrows that cash to help buy a house (embodied energy)

Crypto currency isnt money — because it doesn’t have that backup of energy, therefore it must collapse — unfortunately it is designated in $ or £ or whatever, so it is thought of as currency, even the astronomic % rises are seen as real.

Which they are for those who got in and out early and cashed into real money — they were paid out by the infeed of cash by the latecomers — -and there must always be a constant inflow of real cash to make the ‘’astro cash’’ viable — if everyone cashed in at once — the whole thing would collapse.

Which defines it pretty well

this explains it better:

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