Maybe the Earth just wants us gone. We could be just another of many failed experiments.

the package of dire predictions presented above would equally fit a world that had some kind of collective intellect, at a level that is beyond our comprehension.

In the 2 billion years that the Earth has carried living entities, the last 10k years of man’s addiction to profit, and regarding the planet as personal property has been the merest blink of an eye in evolutionary time

if the planet has become aware of its fever, then it carries the power to rid itself of that fever, and seems to be in the process of doing so.

Perhaps we do not have the option of reorganising ourselves into a different lifestyle that would allow us to stay here.

Perhaps our only claim to being unique might be that we can recognise our coming demise. It would seem that all other deceased species would not have known that. Perhaps they left more easily for not knowing.

As it is, the last 2 humans left alive will no doubt fight to the death to prove whose side god is actually on

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