lots of rhetoric about Trump’s election.

No mention as far as I can see about the motives behind it, and the problems (catastrophes) ahead. The America people have been conned on many levels by this, but few realise the ultimate swindle.

They have been persuaded that prosperity can be voted into office.

There is little or no awareness that America, and by definition the rest of the developed world, does not have a crisis of politics and politicians, it has a crisis of energy depletion.

Trump himself is unaware of this, nor are any of his republican supporters, or those who voted him into office.

So what comes next? It could be that Trump is the unexpected sideswipe I’ve been forecasting, hard to say yet — -but very likely.

The American Dream , insofar as it ever existed, was a construct of cheap hydrocarbon fuel. Nothing else. From that derived all the products that kept millions of people employed. Employment in any real sense is impossible without fuelburning.

Unfortunately all the cheap fuel has gone, but Trump is promising to kickstart the economy (job creation) by using expensive fuel, of which he has convinced himself there is literally unlimited amounts — -there isn’t.

We are in a closing vice of falling employment and rising energy cost, and no political leader is going to change that. (the current glut is a short term anomaly)

But Trump has made promises. He cannot possibly keep those promises.

So over the next 4 years, when the steel mills of America do no reopen, and the jobs do not materialize, the American people will realize they’ve been had — -and get very annoyed. Especially as more and more of them get poorer and poorer.

So by 2020, when things have got infinetly worse, and the economic system is in a tailspin

We constructed our industrial infrastructure using cheap fuel — -namely oil coal and gas. That gave us our cities, roads, trains, cars, aircraft and the million other things we now take for granted.

It also provided the jobs in making all those things. It’s what made America ‘great’, and drove the American dream — -insofar as it ever existed.

Problem is, the end of cheap fuel is over, and we are listening to politicians who promise jobs and growth, unaware that jobs depend on energy consumption.

Every job, everywhere is dependent on consumption of energy, almost always hydrocarbons.

Thus — cheap energy=== lots of jobs

Expensive energy === far fewer jobs

We cannot afford the hydrocarbon fuel to burn to provide mass employment, and the era of cheap fuel has gone for good- and taken industry with it. — and there are no ‘’alternatives’’.

Despite all the promises, this is going to get worse, as is the denial that it is happening.

The mobs are going to demand “More” of everything, convinced that it is political failure that is the problem,

This book tries at least to explain why there is no more


When either candidate has their 4 year run, and nothing in the way of prosperity materializes, and gets worse, civil disorder and breakdown is certain by the 2020s, with disaffected mobs screaming for ‘political change’ once again

co-author of The End of More, in paperback and kindle on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00D0ADPFY email pagett.communications@blueyonder.co.uk

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