like all article on interplanetary travel, this omits ‘purpose’

journeys have three purposes, social necessity, recreation and employment

which of those three fits a trip to the moon or mars?

journeys must bring a return in energy value, greater than that used on the journeys itself — -so what return would a moon/mars trip bring?

fly to mars and the moon by all means, but if such trips result in souvenirs and photographs, it’s called a vacation.

mars cannot be ‘colonised’ in the sense of independent breathable living, yet the fantasists mentally equate ‘colonies’ there as something akin to the Americas in the early 1600s

if humankind goes on as we are here on earth, then oblivion is a certainty, but moving to mars will simply drain earth’s finite resources even faster, with no tangible return to improve man’s chances of survival

this gives a more accurate picture of where we’re headed

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