Let’s wish this plague away

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I am not given to thoughts of divine intervention, but if I were, it would be hard to come up with a more pointy finger of god, directed at the state that has been responsible for the destruction of our stable habitat:

A plague state in the hands of someone mentally unstable.

One whose sole aim is to get reelected at all costs, while at the same time being clearly in the early stages of dementia. (or maybe not so early)

But he made no secret of that he was. The American people embraced what he was. He was one of their own. The USA was to be great again. The jesusfreaks’ dream was coming true!

But the divine finger didn’t react to the god nuts, it flicked across the world in a gesture of dismissal, with the unsaid truth:

Nobody owns my planet but me.

Or, more likely the planet is an entity that possesses itself, and sees humankind as an uppity tenant demanding too big a share of global entitlement; leaving nothing for those in need — human or otherwise.

The Don was busy stripping away the last protections the planet had, in pursuit of profit and greed. MAGA fever usurped any other constraints. Then the virus stopped us dead in our tracks, after we spent decades of wailing that ‘something must be done’. (about population and pollution etc)

Any chance of ridding itself of such evils was ended by the worst kind of POTUS imaginable:

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