just to put one point straight re slavery:

In the 17/1800s, it was Africans who sold Africans as slaves. White Europeans turned up at the ports to load them as an energy resource for shipping overseas.

Europeans could not venture deep into African territory on slaving expeditions. The same African slavers had raided European coasts in previous centuries to take Europeans as slaves. Let’s not wipe that from history.

Africans are still doing the same thing, selling oil and food resources to wealthy outsiders to enrich a few heads of state.

As to fascism, that arises when the common people feel threatened and a leader arises to rectify their problems and make them great again.

All the fascisti who arose in the 30s were riding on the same wave of desperation.. They too were cheered on by the crowds until it all went sour, one way or another.

The same thing is happening now. You see it in the faces of the MAGA crowd, They would not be out of place at nuremberg

There is insufficient energy to support the aspirations of people, so they find a leader who will produce it and offer promises that fits those aspirations. Fascism is the face of desperation. The leader uses that desperation.

This time there is no surplus energy to be appropriated from elsewhere.

This time the folks screaming MAGA are unaware that they are selling themselves into slavery.

They do not know that they are selling their own democracy in return for a return of “The American Dream” a concept that never existed in the first place


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