It’s not a matter of winning or losing. Or damnation or demons (that discussion reference worries me)

The fight against natural disaster is unwinnable.


because fighting to restore the damage caused by natural disasters requires energy input. not money input.

Or energy resources are finite, nature’s resources are not.

We do not live in a money economy, we live in an energy economy.
All money represents availability of energy in one form or another, usually as coal oil and gas.
Without energy backup, money has no value. So money input is meaningless.

it follows then that rebuilding of the devastation in CA will have the same problem as Houston, or Puerto rico, Or anywhere else hit by natural disaster.

Energy has to be expended in order to rebuild. Not money

Which fits the logic of this article:

Areas hit by hurricanes or wildfires demand funds to rebuild,

But we create our buildings only through the input of energy. They can only be sustained through the input of energy. If they fall down they need energy input to rebuild. If the energy isn’t available, then whatever nature knocks down is going to stay down.
It could be that the Earth has recognised humankind as a plague species, and is using climate change to get rid of us

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