It wasn’t an outthrust of capitalism, in the sense of a successful political experiment.

It was an explosion of fossil fuel energy.

After 1776 the United states found itself sitting on the world’s largest reserves of oil coal and gas.

The newly arriving immigrants, fresh from Europe with native skills already honed, leaped upon the land and began to exploit it. They literally ran amok over the land. Native people were slaughtered either by disease or modern weapons, and the took possession of its seemingly limitless wealth.

By 1914 America was the pivotal nation of global power, the British having hit peak coal, and started to run out of energy.

The USA had what appeared to be more than enough for everyone, forever. The great industrial barons arose and grabbed obscene wealth, true, but there was plenty to make millions rich.

Unfortunately it wasn’t forever. The energy pie is now pretty much all gone, and the only alternative is the fascism offered by aspiring tyrants.

The same in China and India, though with different traits to the United states — -though the outcome is the same.

The screaming masses see their lifestyles eroding, and demand their return, the fascist leaders promise that.

But cannot make it happen, but continue with fascist dogma anyway, because there’s nothing else to offer except a future of regression and deprivation.

This will be resisted and denied, so militaristic repression is inevitable. (soldiers fall in behind whever pays their wages)

Not a pleasant thought for the future,

co-author of The End of More, in paperback and kindle on Amazon email

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