It seems to me that your problem can be covered by a single word:


Every solution — -and there are solutions to be made — -requires enforcement by a central order of some kind.

So do you want the Chinese system, where the policy seems to be, to empty the countryside and stack the majority of people in soulless tower blocks?

This seems to what is being enforced there. In a totalitarian system this can be done. But I doubt if the enforcers will be living in those blocks.

The same would happen here. You can do it with a cowed population — -you cannot do it with millions of individual thinkers. Try it and you would have insuurection — -which would be met with armed militia, and thus civil war. (irrespective of reality, re energy availability)

I assume you live where you do because you like it. A 3 hour commute by bus can’t be easy. I imagine in China you would be instructed to live in a city.

All the common sense services you advocate require energy input on a vast scale. That is the one thing we will not have in our immediate future

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