irrespective of logic or reason, Joe Average will look to saving his own job family, home, and so on before he thinks about the possibility of an unpleasant future under a dictator.

to him — -such a thing ‘could not be, in the land of the free’.

He is protected by the constitution, not realising that an economic collapse will pull that rug from beneath his feet and consign his fantasy of democracy to the dustbin of history

This is what motivated the Germans in 1932 — -Hitler offered to make Germany great again, and the German people cheered him on — -not knowing is was mentally unstable, and could only feed their aspirations by looting other people’s.

Not happening this time round?

What’s being looted now is the future, borrowing money to sustain the present, which will leave our grandchildren with the same wrecked environment as Hitler left as he rampaged across Europe

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