in order to function in some kind of civilised order, a democracy must have an uninterrupted source of cheap surplus energy

note the cheap and surplus part.

we have enjoyed cheap and surplus for only about 150 years, maybe 200 if you stretch things a bit

that 200 years marks the entire span of democratic governments throughout the world. We no longer have cheap surplus oil, and the spectre of fascism starts to rise with Trump et al as its symptom.

Why should this be?

Because cheap surplus energy delivers employment, cheap goods, cheap housing and all the civilised services that we have come to take for granted — -we think of them as permanent in our lives. Democracy exists when nations can afford it.

But that affordability comes through cheap fuels . Nothing else will do.

As our cheap fuel sources falter, demagogues arise to tell us everything is going to be as it was before (the MAGA nonsense) but of course they demand our votes to make it happen

So we vote ourselves into a dictatorship, just as Nazi Gemeany did in 1933 — -they were promised that Germany would be great again.

They were, for 12 years until the Ponzi scheme collapsed. The USA is headed the same way. The end will be equally catastrophic.

Trump is also running a Ponzi scheme, borrowing money to sustain the illusion of a booming economy. Hitler did the same thing while creating a fascist state.

Trump must creat a fascist state to keep himself in office. His sychophants must lie in agreement with him as he loots the state, and tries to force other nations into his protection racket.

Hitler simply invaded his neighbours to get what he needed in terms of resources.

The effect is much the same.

Our addition to excess energy guarantees tyranny because we will (misguidedly) submit to any horrors to get hold of it:

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