in nature, individuals of every species must prove their fitness to survive

When humankind started dabbling with fire, we took a divergent path of fitness — -it was our first step to destroying the earth itself.

OK that was 1m years ago — but that to nature is the blink of an eye — — in evolutionary terms we went up a dead end, literally dead.

Nature let us run our course — fire, steam engines, aircraft, nukes, the progression was inevitable to where were are at right now. The planet has recognised us an an infection, global warming is the means by which we shall be culled or got rid of altogether, then the world can continue on its previous path which we messed up.

We proved that we are unfit to survive,

We are not alone in dying out, millions of species have gone before us.

We created gods to say we are outside natural forces. We are about to be proved wrong.

We are destroying our own future, No other species has ended its tenancy in that way — -so in that sense we are unique I guess

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