In fundamental terms, we perhaps fail to understand the meaning and origins of capital-ism.

We see it in terms of now’ and ignore its origin and original purpose. We fail to grasp how the concept of capital entwined itself in the basic evolution of humankind.

What we are coming to reject is the very concept of what brought us to where we are, and created the civilised existence that we take for granted.

After millennia of hunter gathering, someone, around 10–12000 years ago had the bright idea of cultivating his own food supply instead of chasing it. Whether in the form of grain or meat, that food supply needed protecting.

Protection required dedicated manpower, which required energy from the enclosed food. So the food supply had to grow to meet the needs of everyone dependent on it.

The original ‘capital’ of the land enclosure was forced to grow, and that drove the relentless ambition for more. Soldiers, counters, priests, peasants, all came to depend on the power (and capital ambition) of he who held the enclosure.

Acquisition of such a resource improved procreation prospects for he who held it. Dynasties gave a form of immortality.

There was never enough — -the drive was always for more — hence lands rolled up into kingdoms and empires and fought each other over ‘resources’. That is why wars are endemic to the human psyche.

We are the only species that roams 000s of miles to do battle with our own kind and slaughter lesser forms of life in the pursuit of profit.

That is perhaps a simplified premise of the start of ‘capital’ but it has been a driving force that has never left us, down the centuries. It was ingrained in the feudal lords of Europe, the robber barons of the 19th c, and now the obscene grasping of their modern day equivalent.

Each grasped resources (energy) and could never be satisfied, even if at the end they gave most of it away.

Capitalism has never been able to function without fresh resources to feed on.

But now we are in the situation of running out of resources altogether, while at the same time being in denial of it. The wealthy use their wealth to grab more.

But that grabbing is stripping away the life resources of the poorest in order to sustain the fantasy of ‘more’ for the ultra-wealthy.

The next decade or so is going to be one of collective denial, until the support-mechanism for wealth (fossil fuels) is finally gone.

After that collapse will be absolute, and painful for all.

It is this greed that has sickened us, drained our fundamental life forces because we unconsciously recognise that it’s all over.

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