in any future, however it pans out, we will need heat, or in any event, make strenuois efforts to get hold of it for our own uses.

there are those who advocate recycling/reworking what we will have left — -but you cannot produce a single hardwearing useful object without heat input.

and of course in our future, we may not have the means to produce metal objects as we once did, but the knowledge of such processes will remain with us.

and so will the denial factor as we try to re-instate the prosperity of our past, encouraged by leaders will offer the same promises as the current batch — -restoration of the American dream, or somesuch nonsense.

and the believers will still scream in unison. They will believe that prosperity can be voted into office or taken by force. This isn’t conjecture, it’s happening right now.

That hydrocarbon fuels have nothing to do with it. Because oil supplies are infinite anyway

This is why I made the point, that after thousands of evolving generations committed to collective homicide and resource grabbing (which has always been the purpose of war),

Of the 7.4 Bn people on this planet, about 6bn are here because hydrocarbon fuel input allowed it to happen. Which means that without hydrocarbons, they have no future. Yet Dr Ahmed appears to be saying that we can alter our collective mindset within 20 years or so, (1 generation) and become bucolic peasants tilling our garden plots in rural peace somewhere, supported by renewable energy systems, and, one assumes, consuming vegetables.

You can understand my somewhat sceptical approach to all this I hope?

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