in 1776 two things happened

1 — -the Steam engine was patented in its final form

2 — — The American nation declared independence

I put the steam engine first, because without it, the American nation could not have been built and held together as a single entity. Steam engines allowed deep drilling of oil, and deep mining of coal

Steam engines allowed the development of all other branches of science to expand into their current form

Unfortunately the power extracted from oil coal and gas was released for everyone to use as they chose, and the great burning began (the American dream)

It was promised to last forever, and the demand remains that it should do so. It became the ultimate ‘pursuit of happiness’ as set out in the constitution. Which made planet burning legal.

Unfortunately the oilparty is almost over, but the demand goes on — -to hell (literally) with the planet. The oil era is going to end with fighting over the dregs of what’s left, while the denialists assert that it will last forever,

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