if we can ‘vote against austerity’, then by definition we can ‘vote for prosperity’.

Who wouldn’t vote to be better off?

but suppose our common condition is austerity?

think back through history — for the great mass of people there has always been extreme austerity. Some rich people yes, but those rich people were supported by thousands of the grinding poor. They suffered far worse than most of today’s impoverished, and had to put up with it apart from the odd revolution and political upset — -they voted with pitchforks but changed nothing long term.

We have known a century or so of affluence through the input of cheap surplus fuels — -oil coal and gas. That prosperity also gave us democracy.

These fuels are no longer cheap or surplus. Voting to end austerity is in effect voting to refill the oilwells and bring back cheap coal.

We’ve burned it all folks.

Insane or what?

Yes — nations are tearing each other apart for this or that political dogma or ideology — -but underneath it all there isn’t enough fuel to divide up between 7.5m people. And no amount of riot is going to change that

This is why the EU is falling apart, as will the USA, and other groups. And they will go to war over resources, in a state of denial. The French are rioting in the streets because they want all the social goodies, without paying for them. They have no awareness of what pays for their demanded benefits.

If they brought back the guillotine, nothing would change. There is no cake left to eat.

Without exception, all wars are fought over resources, under numerous disguises. Our coming wars will be no different

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